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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

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Our best just got better – CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017 is our latest and most innovative graphic design program yet! Get all of our industry-acclaimed tools found in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8, plus so much more. Skip sketching and scanning from paper, and go right to our amazing new LiveSketch™ tool to capture your ideas the instant that creativity strikes. Our suite comes with cutting-edge features to help you create beautiful designs, graphics, photos, and websites with both ease and confidence.

Jump in
Whether you're a first-time user or an experienced designer, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 makes it easy to get started. Learn the basics, see what's new with a Startup tour, or transition to the suite with a special walkthrough designed just for Adobe users. Be productive immediately with a workspace that matches your workflow needs, and benefit from high-quality content and versatile in-product learning.

Make the most of your design skills with the intuitive, highcaliber features of this graphic design software. Quickly find fonts for any project with the font search and filtering feature. Save valuable design time with the new LiveSketch tool that allows you to capture any original idea on a pen-enabled device the moment creativity strikes. Work faster with the new node editing, and refine your photos with the Healing Clone tool in Corel® PHOTO-PAINT® 2017.

Feel right at home with all of your favorite tools! Adapt your design space to your needs with the custom icon size, desktop and window border color. Explore and organize fonts for your projects with the help of the popular Corel Font Manager™ 2017. Expand your collection of creative tools and content by downloading free and premium apps, plugins, extensions, font packs and more, directly from within the applications.

Deliver professional-quality output that will make a lasting impression across any medium: from distinctive logos and signs, to striking marketing materials, web and social media graphics, billboards and more. With its industry-leading file format compatibility and advanced color-management tools, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 provides the flexibility and color accuracy you need for all types of projects. Discover a vibrant and inspiring community of CorelDRAW

Graphics and creative professionals
These users work in advertising and printing graphics, working with text, and retouching photos. These users frequently work on layout and design projects for print and the web, such as creating logos and multipage brochures. They seek innovative design tools that optimize their workflow and compatibility with commonly used file formats.

Production professionals
These users focus primarily on sign making, screen printing, engraving, and graphic design for print and the web. They frequently repurpose and combine assets such as illustrations, scanned logos, photos and fonts. They pay particular attention to design optimization and output preparation for large-format printers, engraving machines, glass or vinyl cutters, and silkscreen or Direct to Garment (DTG) printers.

Occasional graphics users
Entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses create marketing and communications materials in-house. Often times they are self-taught in graphic design and modify existing artwork, retouch photos, and create ads, flyers, and other marketing collateral.

Business users in medium-sized to large enterprises
These users strive to create professional, graphically rich projects ranging from sales presentations to web graphics. They spend considerable time reworking existing projects and retouching photos to use in their marketing and communications materials.

Hobbyists who are self-taught
They use graphic design software occasionally for creative projects — such as newsletters, calendars, banners, and photo layouts — for personal or community use.

  • Delivers a robust selection of applications for tracing, highend graphic design, illustration, layout, photo-editing and website creation in a powerful all-in-one package

  • LiveSketch is an all-new tool that enables you to create vector objects by sketching on pen-based devices as naturally as on paper. With LiveSketch, CorelDRAW 2017 delivers a remarkably fun and creative vector drawing experience in real time.

  • Provides a trusted design suite, with 15 million users around the world, for graphics pros, small business owners and design enthusiasts alike to produce a wide range of professional projects

  • Offers affordable and flexible purchasing options; a perpetual license with a one-time payment or a subscription program that lets you pay only when you need the software

  • Brings unparalleled typography features to any project along with UI customization capabilities to fine-tune your design Environment to meet your standards and needs

  • Offers market-leading file compatibility with support for PDF, Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, in addition to over 100 formats to import and export files with ease

  • Includes over 5 hours of training videos, including 4 “What's New” video tours, interactive Startup tours, an intuitive Hints docker, Insights from the Experts, and other invaluable builtin learning tools

  • Contains valuable content to both start and enhance your projects: 10,000 clipart and digital images, 2,000 highresolution digital photos, over 1,000 TrueType and/or OpenType fonts, 350 professionally designed templates, 2,000 vehicle templates, over 500 interactive frame and photo frames, and over 600 fountain, vector and bitmap fills

1 Time-saving LiveSketch tool
Transform the creativity of free form sketching into precise vector curves directly on a pen-enabled device. Using the innovative LiveSketch tool, your strokes are adjusted and combined with existing vector curves, allowing you to sketch and design on the fly. Best of all, you'll eliminate the time-consuming task of sketching on paper, scanning and tracing to vector with this revolutionary new tool.

2 Enhanced nodes, handles and vector preview
Get faster, intuitive node manipulation in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 - thanks to redesigned nodes and handles. Now, each node type is assigned a unique shape, so you can quickly identify cusp, smooth, and symmetrical nodes. The vector previews for nodes and curves have been enhanced to stand out against background colors in your design. Interactive sliders for object fills and transparencies have also been enhanced to be more visible.

3 Touch-friendly user interface
Tablet Mode support makes it easy to sketch on the fly and make quick adjustments using touch or a stylus. The new Touch workspace streamlines the UI to maximize the size of your drawing window by displaying only the tools and commands you're most likely to use. Save time and work faster by panning and zooming in a single gesture. Automatically switch back to the desktop workspace when you re-connect the keyboard, and choose the UI configuration that works best for you in Tablet Mode.

4 Powerful stylus enhancements
Enjoy a more natural drawing experience and achieve more expressive results with the native Surface Studio and Microsoft Dial, and advanced stylus support. A redesigned UI gives instant access to relevant controls and the ability to quickly choose which stylus properties to leverage. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 has been enhanced so you can take advantage of pressure, bearing, tilt, and rotation of your stylus to control a variety of tools and effects.

5 Import legacy workspaces
Bring your earlier environments directly into the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 and continue designing right where you left off. A few simple clicks will allow you to reuse CorelDRAW and Corel® PHOTO-PAINT® workspaces that were created in versions X6, X7, and X8. Now, you have the flexibility of importing select workspace elements into your current workspace, or creating a totally new UI setup.

Main Applications
  • CorelDRAW ® 2017 – Vector illustration and page layout
  • Corel® PHOTO-PAINT® 2017 – Image editing
  • Corel Font Manager™ 2017 – Font exploration and management tool
  • Corel® PowerTRACE® 2017 – Bitmap-to-vector tracing (included in CorelDRAW 2017 application)
  • Corel® CONNECT™ 2017 – Content finder
  • Corel® CAPTURE™ 2017 – Screen capture tool
  • Corel® Website Creator™† – Website design

Supporting Applications
  • BenVISTA PhotoZoom Pro 4† – Plug-in for enlarging digital images
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 7.1– Task automation
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2015 – Task automation and advanced macro projects
  • Barcode Wizard – Generator of bar codes in industry-standard formats
  • Duplexing Wizard – Guide for two-sided printing
  • GPL Ghostscript (ZIP) – Enhanced import of EPS and PS files
  • WhatTheFont – Online font identifier

Content †
  • 10,000 clipart and digital images
  • 2,000 high-resolution digital photos
  • Over 1,000 TrueType and/or OpenType fonts
  • 350 professionally designed templates
  • 2,000 vehicle templates
  • Over 500 interactive frames and photo frames
  • Over 600 fountain, vector and bitmap fills

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Quick reference card
  • Help files

  • Over 5 hours of training videos, including 4 “What's New” video tours (Internet connection required)
  • Interactive Startup tours
  • Video Hints and Insights from the Experts
  • Hints docker

†An authenticated version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Internet connection are required to download the BenVISTA PhotoZoom Pro 4 and Website Creator application. To access online features and content included with your software, you must sign in to authenticate your copy of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. You can authenticate the product after the suite installation, before starting an application, or while using an application.

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, in 32-bit or 64-bit, all with latest Updates and Service Pack
  • Intel Core i3/5/7 or AMD Athlon 64
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 GB hard disk space
  • Multi-touch screen, mouse or tablet
  • Minimum 1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6
  • DVD drive (required for box installation)
  • Internet connection is required for activating and validating CorelDRAW Graphics Suite in order to receive product updates and use online features and content included within your software. You can use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offline provided that you connect to the Internet at least once a month so that we can validate your software license.

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